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Arnold Clark Drum - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

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Where is Drum berthed?
Overnight, Drum is moored at James Watt Dock Marina in Greenock, which is also the location we use for picking up / dropping off. Occasionally, we base ourselves away from Greenock for our charters, such as Oban on the west coast. Please make sure you know where you are due to be picked up and dropped off.
How many people does Drum sail with?
On Drum, we sail with a crew of 3 or 4 staff, and have a limit of 12 guests aboard at any time.
What time should I arrive?
In our effort to provide you the best experience possible, we leave our timescale as flexible as possible so that we don't miss any excitement. In general we aim for guests to arrive at 9.30am.
What should I bring with me?
On Drum we provide hi-tech waterproofs, life jackets and safety harnesses. The weather can change very quickly on the West Coast, so we recommend you bring warm layered clothing, thermal hats and gloves, as well as shorts, sunglasses and a sun hat. It is very important you bring suitable shoes. Light soled trainers or deck shoes are necessary for movement around a wet deck. Dark soled trainers permanently damage the deck. Fashion shoes and leather soled shoes will not be allowed, as they provide unpredictable levels of grip. If you have nothing suitable, we can sell you a pair of good value deck shoes on the day. If the weather on your chosen day looks a little damp, please bring a change of socks and shoes for the trip home.
Where will we sail to?
We have many different options on daily itineraries. We prefer to leave our options open until we see how the weather is developing for the day, which provides the perfect balance of exhilaration and relaxation for the group. By prior arrangement with the group leader, we can vary the route on request, but it must be noted that influences of weather, tide and time may make some requests impossible.
What time will we get back?
Arrival time back is largely dependent on the day's destination and weather throughout the day. We usually aim to arrive back for approximately 4.30pm. If any guests need to be back for a certain time for flights / babysitter etc, then please let us know early on the day of the charter.
Can I take children?
We can take guests of any age. Children are solely the responsibility of the Parent/Guardian and should be prevented from moving around the deck unattended at any time. If more than 2 children under the age of 12 are sailing, please let us know in advance.
I am not as young/fit as I used to be. Can I still come?
It is possible to opt out of some of the more strenuous activities involved on sailing a race boat. However, we can cater for all age groups. We ask you to let the skipper know if you have asthma, epilepsy, diabetes, severe allergic reactions or heart problems. It should be noted that you could be 2 hours away from the nearest hospital.
I have restricted mobility. Can I still come?
It should be noted that we have no wheelchair access to Drum. We can usually assist a small number of restricted mobility guests on a normal charter day. Please let us know of any special requirements at the booking stage.
Is alcohol allowed on board?
Part of the standard charter package is a restricted free bar involving wine and beer. We ask that guests limit their alcohol intake to a safe level, remembering that as a sailing boat, Drum moves about and leans over. The crew reserves the right to close the bar at any time for safety reasons. No alcohol may be brought on board by guests.
I suffer from sea sickness. Will it be rough?
The Clyde Estuary is a very sheltered piece of water, and the sea is usually flat even in quite windy conditions. We very rarely have guests being sick. If you are worried, some helpful tips are: Try not to have any heavy or fatty foods for 18 hours before departure, take medication (e.g. Stugeron) two hours before sailing, and avoid alcohol.
I am sailing Drum on a longer trip, what should I bring?
Please pack lightly, as space is limited. Soft bags are better than suitcases, as they are easier to stow. If you are sleeping on board, please bring a sleeping bag and pillow. Also, a small torch is useful and if you play a musical instrument, bring it along!